Bob Wood Cruise Group specializes in providing:

  • Dedicated Operations Managers that nurture bookings and operations from start to finish
  • Long sighted planning and forecasting of services
  • Comprehensive touring tailored to the client’s needs and trends
  • Proposals with ingenuity and a point of difference
  • Pre and Post touring that tick all the boxes
  • Expert tour guides that care and are proven leaders in their profession

 Australian Pre & Post Land Programs

Our Land Programmes are developed with the international traveller in mind so we are only to happy to listen to our client and tailor-make programmes to give them the market edge in this ever increasingly competitive industry. Whether it is sunset at Ayers Rock, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, a train journey across the Nullarbor, viewing Aboriginal rock art in the Kakadu National Park or an afternoon in the Blue Mountains we aim to make every day better than the last.


Australian Shore Excursions

We constantly review our shore excursion programmes to make sure they reflect the markets changing needs and trends and present tours that independent passengers may find difficult to replicate on their own. Our commitment is such that at the end of each season face to face supplier reviews and meetings are considered a standard. We also commit to having a Head Office Pier Manager at every port for the entire duration of a partner’s Australian itinerary.

Australian Overland Programs

Our key asset here is creativity. No two overlands are the same and each activity is individually tailored with a unique & unforgettable experience. Our team has first hand knowledge of Australia and work with a diverse range of quality operators to ensure a professional service.


We inherently understand that seamless turnarounds are essential as this is often the first or last impression a passenger has of their cruise experience. Having achieved such success in all ports around Australia we believe this is more than achievable and should be at the very least an industry standard.

Papua New Guinea

With the exotic Papua New Guinea a proven seller on cruise line itineraries it is a great time to visit the region and experience one of the last wild frontiers. Bob Wood Cruise Group has been working in Papua New Guinea for many years and has firsthand knowledge of the best, safest and most appealing tours to build into port day programmes.