Jay McKenzie

Jay McKenzie


As a former  award winning NZ Based operator/director Jay has brought her skills and  detailed planning to all aspects of the business. Her extensive  knowledge of Australia is second to none and with a dedication to understanding how to streamline an experience for the best client travel.

Her background and experience, coupled with a strong business background, work ethic and passion for the tourism industry gave rise to an opportunity to take her skill sets and move to Australia. Here she joined Bob Wood Cruise Group and was integral in creating one of the most successful ground operators in Australia, Bob Wood Cruise Group. Jay has managed logistics for hundreds of thousands of Shore Excursion guests.

All of this culminates in the common goal that every traveller desires – to create moments that will create a lifetime of memories.

Carmen Stevenson

Carmen Stevenson

General Manager

Carmen is a true Australian girl heralding from Northern New South Wales. Her love of travel began with a trip to Europe when she was nineteen.  From then on she caught the travel bug and knew a career in travel and tourism was the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The early part of her career was spent working in retail travel agencies.  A slight change of direction saw her spend over a decade with one of Australia’s leading airlines.  Being part of the growth and development of the airline sector reinvigorated her love for travel which had begun many years previously.

When the chance to join Bob Wood Cruise Group’s sister company, Guides Australia, arose Carmen took the opportunity with both hands and hasn’t looked back.  She has now moved over to Bob Wood Cruise Group into the role of General Manager of operations. With a vast understanding of travel and tourism, as well as a passion for people, Carmen takes great pride in ensuring that each and every international traveller to Australia leaves with an everlasting positive experience.


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson