Welcome to our new website! I thought it would be appropriate to kick off our fresh new look with some fresh flowers and I don’t think you can get any better than these Central Australian desert beauties.

I’m very lucky to have recently visited Alice Springs and Uluru and was astounded at the beauty, colour and contrasts of the flowers along the journey. I know that my companions were equally impressed and surprised at how much plant life and flora there was on offer. The recent heavy rainfall had facilitated this bloom of new life.

There are over 400 different plants found in the area with many having great significance to the traditional land owners as food, medicine, fuel and also of spiritual importance. Experienced guides in the region mentioned they hadn’t previously seen some of the flowers that we experienced and were eagerly referring back on their flora references with excitement.

We felt truly special that the desert had turned on this floral tribute. One of the traditional owners explained to us that Honey Grevilleas are the desert sweet shop, and early in the morning is the best time to brush your hand on the flowers and then lick your hand to taste the fresh honey nectar. Of course while on my own at the Uluru sunrise viewing I had to indulge the process and try it for myself – delightful!

If your interested in discovering this area please feel free to call us for a chat. We love to share our knowledge of the region and I am sure that you too, will be surprised and delighted with this unique region.

April – October are the best times to visit Central Australia  #talktous