Visit the wonderful Swell Sculpture Festival and see over 50 sculptures by various artists from all over the world. This is a free exhibition and open all throughout the day. Apart from enjoying an array of displays, sculptures and exhibits, you can also enjoy a wide choice of informative talks from the artists as well as a number of entertainment programs.

Located on the Southern Gold Coast and held every September the Swell Sculpture Festival lasts for 10 days and includes a number of great displays which are dotted along the beachfront. Open all hours, the Swell Sculpture Festival is a great event to tie in with your beach holiday and certain to enlighten and delight every member of the family with a full program of free live entertainment, artist talks, yoga experiences and so much more.

As part of this festival, there are also various workshops, master classes and art training courses in clay, sculpture and plaster in which visitors can participate. There are also specific programs especially for children. This renowned art exhibition is the largest outdoor art exhibition in Queensland and in previous years has included sculptures from a variety of countries including Germany, New Zealand and India.