Maree Sheehan - a well connected Sydney local.

Maree Sheehan – a well connected Sydney local.

Discover the local food-scene of Sydney on an inner city walk with Maree Sheehan – a well-connected local. Introducing visitors and locals to innovative and established cafes, restaurants and small bars in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Potts Point and the city.

Maree is a well-connected inner city local with a strong network of cafes, shops and galleries that she visits on a regular basis. Through her keen interest in photographing Sydney’s food and street culture Maree has gradually built-up her knowledge and expertise.

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Maree Sheehan has lived in Sydney for the past sixteen years and first visited Sydney as a twenty-one year old tourist. By 1998 Maree was a permanent resident of Sydney and fast falling in love with a Sydneysider and the city itself. The energy, the outdoor lifestyle and the abundance of fabulous food, high-end fashion and inspiring design ensured that she stayed longer than the romance lasted.

Cruise Tour Escapes is working closely with Maree to design a few unique easy walks around the trendy suburbs of Sydney. You wont find any touring coaches here, no large groups with tour leaders holding up flags. What you will find is locals in abundance – hipsters, fashionistas,  office workers and coffee lovers. All going about their daily activities choosing to be in that area because of its style.

The Book Kitchen - Sydney Cafe

The Book Kitchen – Sydney Cafe