1. Many women’s tours are organized around local festivities, so you can be assured of a truly local experience and getting up close and enjoying a destination at its best.Port Douglas Hammock
  2. Women’s tours are fun; They have all the elements that women enjoy. Women love to immerse into the local culture and meet the local women. They love to look touch, feel and understand the authentic craft and get to know the artisans (and probably buy a souvenir!)
  3. Women’s tours are tried and tested by women, there is flexibility in there approaches to the travel experience. There is time to explore, time to rest, time to shop and time to enjoy the locations with the group, on your own or with your new friends.
  4. Different women bring different perspectives to a tour, it gives you a chance to see the destination through your own eyes as well as their from another whole outlook. Women are willing to talk and share these insights with each other
  5. You will make new and long-life friends that will continue on for further adventures. You will always have someone to explore with and within the group you can mix it up



This time next year we will have our Girls Getaway in Canadian Rockies and Alaska in full swing


So #talktous – it really is a memorable destination !!