So, you have to remember that these top 4 places for travel are from my own perspective . So lets get it out there ! I would love to hear from you with your top 4  and what will be the 5th??Kiri In India

  1. India– the contrast and colour of India has me always thinking about returning. It can be confronting and takes great adjustment. There is history , ingenuity and lots of people with extremes of very poor to wealthy. I distinctly remember seeing a woman working in the fields dressed in a flowing and florescent orange sari and she looked up at me and waved with a dazzling smile .
  2. Uzbekistan– I was unsure prior to going here of what to expect. What I found was an interesting country that was part of the Silk Road . This heritage makes it a melting pot of cultures. There is Russian , Chinese, Indian and Arabian influence in its architecture and its food. One point that was given to me prior that it was not a foodie place. I would have to say that it is a definite foodie place, it has amazing seasonal , fresh and generous serves with unique flavours . Sweetest rockmelons ever tasted !Rockmelons
  3. New Zealand – You may think I am biased ( as did grow up there) . I think if you live in a place , you often tend to take it for granted. So when I visit there I have fresh eyes. It is easy to get around as the distances are not long ( compared to Australia) , the people are friendly and accommodating. It has a quaint old fashioned hospitality about it .. ohh and the scenery is stunning. It’s a little bit of England with a twist ( and slightly better weather)
  4. Italy– who would not have this as one of their favourites. It has style, food , and heritage . So style, yes it is fun in Rome to watch everyone come out in the afternoon after siesta and promenade the promenade . The simplicity and freshness of the food . The rolling hills with the gorgeous villas and very friendly people. Sometimes I wish I grew up in a large Italian family but you can go to Italy and feel included even if you are not part of the family.Tuscan Villa
  5. What is going to be the YOUR 5th spot ???? Mine is Canada so #talktous

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