Cowboys in CalgaryDuring the Stampede, Calgary gets an extreme denim makeover.Business suits take a back seat to blue jeans, belt buckles get huge, and neckties go on summer holiday. Even royalty embrace cowboy hats, boots and jeans.

The rule of thumb is to wear country and make it comfortable but it also has to look good

A good-quality cowboy hat. Make sure it fits perfectly, so it won’t fall off (too big) or pop off (too small). Straw is better for the summer, but felt will last longer. Neutral colours never go out of style, but ladies may find that pink and light blue are almost as reliable. Only little kids wear red cowboy hats.

CowgirlsA fancy Western shirt from a Western clothing shop

Yes cowboy boots. Buy these a week or two before The Calgary Stampede, and then wear them at home until Stampede starts so that you’re used to them before you are wearing them for a full day or week. If they really pinch, you bought the wrong size. Don’t worry–take them to a shoemaker to be stretched; it’s amazing how much leather can be stretched. Cowboy boots are for both men and ladies; a neutral colour is a wise choice. Real cowboys never tuck their jeans into their boots.

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