Australia is classed as a country that is at the top of their game. We are at the forefront of medical innovations, our sports teams have access to state of the art equipment and the music and movie industry is up amongst the world’s best.

Its freeBut when it comes to the internet something went wrong. Its slow, clunky and free internet is often hard to find. Maybe it’s the distances it needs to travel or just maybe I am making excuses. Let’s just say we haven’t caught up with countries like the US where free internet at hotels and restaurants is almost a given. Most Australian hotels charge a bomb (Aussie for too much) which just isn’t right.

But there are two places found in all cities that free internet is widely available. The first is your trusty public library. In every township there are always terminals set up and available to be used by anyone. Secondly free internet is available at all McDonalds and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of them these days.

So if you or your client is wanting to log-on at anytime and you’re just not happy with the excessive hotel charges, look for your local public library or McDonalds food outlet. There you will be able to log on in peace and for free. We hope this helps.